Chica Beach

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Welcome to Chica Beach at Kalamitsi Chalkidiki

Chica Beach is located at the southern side of the stunning beach of Kalamitsi at Chalkidiki. Gazing at the crystal turquoise and calm water is the perfect place to relax.

Chica boasts a chic and elegant environment, with comfortable spaces and perfect service. Chill out at the cozy deck-chairs and spacious sofa-beds after swimming to enjoy coffees, ice-cold juices, snacks and stylish cocktails. Spoil yourself at the leisure of fluffy pouffes and be dazzled by summer aura in the company of sweet music. Chica Beach has something to offer everyone.






Kalamitsi beach, Sithonia, Chalkidiki, Greece

Kalamitsi is situated on verdurous Sithonia (the second peninsula of Chalkidiki) at the south-eastern of it, 140 km far from Thessaloniki. Kalamitsi is one of the most beautiful and graphical coastal village of Chalkidiki, at the southern side of the beach -across from the rocky island- you will find Chica Beach.